WWE visits the Wild Samoan Training Facility

V.P. of WWE Talent Relations John Laurinaitis, Manager of WWE Developmental Mike Bucci and Manager of WWE Talent Appearances Mark Carrano visited Afa and the Wild Samoan's training center Tuesday morning in Allentown, Penn. About 30-40 potential talent showed up to workout and be seen by WWE officials.

Afterwards, Laurinaitis told WWE.com that he would like to thank Afa for inviting him to visit the Wild Samoan Training facility. "I was impressed with both the facility and potential talent that participated in today's tryout," Laurinaitis told WWE.com.

"Everybody has a dream to be the next John Cena or Batista; not everyone will make it, but everyone's here for that reason," Afa told WWE.com. "I eat, sleep and breathe wrestling; this is all I know how to do. Any time a kid comes to me with a dream, I try to help them out. When they make it, I feel proud and it lets me know I'm doing something good."

Amongst the WWE Superstars who have trained with Afa are Batista and Snitsky; both were on hand to watch the proceedings, and Snitsky was happy to be back where it all began.

"It's an honor for me to come back and represent Afa and the Wild Samoan Training Center," Snitsky said. "If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be where I am today. It's cool to come back and see all these guys trying to make it into WWE; hopefully all the blood, sweat and tears will pay off for some of them like it did for me and Batista."

Snitsky and Batista are just two men who came through Afa's training to make it to WWE. Everyone in Allentown on Tuesday morning was there hoping to take the first step toward adding their name to that list, but only time will tell who does.

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