JBL: The voice of SmackDown

Making a surprise appearance that the fans really didn’t seem to want, JBL showed up at ECW One Night Stand and announced that he would be the new color commentator on SmackDown.

Before the World Championship match between Rey Mysterio and Sabu, JBL interrupted the competitors’ entrances. Much like last year, he ran down the ECW crowd and atmosphere, calling it a “backyard-quality show.” He then reminded the fans of what happened to Blue Meanie last year before turning his attention to Tazz.

JBL off-handedly thanked Tazz, however, saying that Tazz stepping down from SmackDown actually worked to his benefit. The former WWE Champion announced that he was back as the “new voice of SmackDown” as well as the King of Hardcore. JBL finally told the fans that the show sucked before leaving.

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