Buh-bye, Bisch

I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving. I know I did, until Sunday night at least. If there's one thing Louie Dee hates, it's being wrong. And if there's one thing that's even worse, it's when Keith Scully is right. But, with all my leftovers gone from Turkey Day, all I have to eat is my words. I underestimated Theodore Long and Team SmackDown, and until the moment Randy Orton hit the final RKO on Shawn Michaels, I held out hope that somehow RAW would pull out a victory.

Now I was right about a few things. Lashley was the first man eliminated; I called that one. I also said that Batista's injury would come into play, and sure enough, he was the second SmackDown Superstar bounced from the main event. Granted, the poor guy will be seeing double-chokeslams in his dreams, but I've seen him go through hell before to retain the World Heavyweight Championship, and that wasn't the same Batista in the ring last Sunday night. And finally, I seem to remember saying that HBK was the key for Team RAW. Even down 3-on-1, you know that guy will never quit. He's been there before; just two years ago, HBK was in the same hole, and oddly enough it was Randy Orton who ended the miracle.

So where does RAW go from here? Well, it seems fairly obvious that the McMahon family is ready to fire Eric Bischoff. And at this point, well, I think that may be a good decision. He seems to have lost all control of his own show, much like he lost control of WCW way back when. For far too long now, it seems as if Bischoff has gotten by on his reputation alone. He's been in position to be fired before, but always came up with something big to save his job. This time, his combination of failure and favoritism may be too strong to overlook.

In the same time Bischoff has been RAW's GM, SmackDown has had four different head honchos. The last two before Theodore Long, Paul Heyman and Kurt Angle, did many of the same things Eric Bischoff has been doing lately, including attempting to screw people out of titles. And in the last year or so, Theodore Long has just plain made Eric Bischoff look bad.

Just look at some of the situations Long has been up against, and think of what would happen if Eric Bischoff were in charge. Remember when Carlito petitioned to get Long removed as GM? Long let him have his say, and then when he got his vote of confidence from Linda McMahon, he messed with Carlito for a few weeks before letting him go on his way. Can you imagine if someone like Shelton Benjamin did that to Bischoff? The minute he got his vote of confidence, Bischoff would put him in a Handicap Match against Kurt Angle, Triple H, Snitsky, and probably three more. Or what about the current situation with the United States Championship? Bischoff has been trying to hand Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle the WWE Championship for months now; you don't think someone (read: Chris Benoit) would have gotten screwed there?

Like him or hate him, Theodore Long has been nothing but fair as General Manager. Eric Bischoff has never played fair in his entire life; and hey, that helped WCW win the ratings war for nearly two years straight, but we're not in Atlanta. You have to think that deep down inside, Mr. McMahon loves nothing more than watching Eric Bischoff fail. However, he won't let it come at his own expense, so I'd say Uncle Eric should pick up the want ads this weekend.

Now, would Shane-o-Mac make a good GM? I think so. He's got the pedigree for it, that's for sure. Not only have Vince & Linda McMahon kept this company running for umpteen years, but Stephanie McMahon was a darn good GM for SmackDown in 2002. She signed the undisputed WWE Champion to a SmackDown exclusive contract, she created the WWE Tag Team Championship, and if you've ever seen any of the matches involving Benoit, Angle, Edge, Mysterio, or the Guerreros from that time period, you know she put on some great shows. Unfortunately, the ever present McMahon family issues ended up causing her demise, but the McMahons are finally united, so that wouldn't be a problem for Shane. The apple usually doesn't fall far from the tree, so you know Shane has it in him.

Not only that, but a GM like Shane would command respect. Eric Bischoff doesn't have that quality anymore. When he has a problem with someone, he finds someone to take care of them, a "problem solver" if you will. Shane is his own problem solver; if he has beef with you, he'll fight you himself if provoked. Ask Kane or Big Show or even Kurt Angle about that. He's not afraid to take risks and get physical, and that's just when he's calm. Get him mad and that McMahon temper will rip through you like a tornado.

So this week, the McMahons have decided that it's time to take out the trash. Will that mean curtains for Bischoff? I guess we'll have to wait and see. If they need to interview some candidates, I hear that Steve Mariucci might be available.   

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