Ashley dishes on tonight's Diva Search finals

WWE Diva Ashley knows the importance of finale night for 2006 $250,000 Diva Search contestants, Layla El, Jen England and J.T. Tinney. Ashley was the winner of last year’s Diva Search, and tonight is going to change one Diva hopeful’s life.

“This is it. Either you’re going to make it or you’re going to break it. One person is going to be crowned the new 2006 Diva Search winner and get $250,000. That’s life-changing. Someone is going to get a one-year contract with WWE. This is a pivotal moment in someone’s life and that’s what makes it so exciting. One of these three girls is going to have her life completely changed upside-down tonight,” Ashley told

Along with Todd Grisham, Ashley will host the 2006 $250,000 Diva Search Finals live from New York City’s Hard Rock Cafe, tonight at 10 on USA.

“I’m excited, but also a little anxious to find out what’s going to happen. I’m excited for them. I know how it feels to be on that side. I know how nervous they are. My stomach turns a little bit when it gets closer to the time where they’re going to announce it. It feels kind of like it did for me last year, but only better because I’m not on the line this time,” Ashley laughed.

Does last year’s winner have a favorite tonight? Ashley has voted, but she’s sworn to secrecy and won’t reveal if she’s pulling for Layla, Jen or J.T.

“I think they’re great. I’m really anxious to see who’s going to come out on top. My favorite has changed so many times. It gets better and better getting to know their personalities more. And even tonight I’m looking forward to getting to see more of that, and getting to see how they react to certain situations we put them in. I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I will by the end of the night. I have voted a couple times. I can’t tell you who I voted for until the competition’s over,” Ashley said.

There’s still time to vote online or by text message for your favorite Diva Search hopeful. Don’t forget to tune into USA tonight at 10 for the live finale.

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