Animal unleashed in Hammerstein Ballroom

Tuesday night, SmackDown's Animal was unleashed when ECW returned to Hammerstein Ballroom for the first time since One Night Stand. Live on ECW on Sci Fi, Batista was looking to take the ECW World Title away from Big Show…and while he was victorious, The Animal didn't walk out of New York City with the gold.

Both men threw everything they had at one another, with The Animal even escaping a pinfall attempt following the champion's signature chokeslam. Big Show grabbed the ECW World Title out of desperation, but when he swung and missed, Batista nailed him with a massive spinebuster.

It looked like The Animal would take the victory, but a Batista Bomb was blocked by Big Show and reversed into a modified suplex. The flustered champion then once again grabbed the ECW World Title and clobbered the Animal in the head, drawing a disqualification. Big Show then nailed him once more, sending Batista from the ring.

But with Batista gone, Sabu seized the opportunity to attack Big Show one more time. Sabu nailed the champion with a chair to the head, which he followed by climbing the ropes and delivering an Atomic Arabian Facebuster. One final flying chair to the head sent Big Show crashing through a table, and the fans in Hammerstein Ballroom chanted for Sabu as the show came to a close.

While it was a bad night for Big Show, the disqualification meant that he retained the ECW World Title. Batista may not have won the gold, but he does hold something most men would love to have: a victory over the largest athlete in the world.

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