The Big Red Extremist

Tuesday night, Kane headed to Detroit to try to win the ECW World Championship from Big Show in an Extreme Rules Match. He was unsuccessful, but a timely appearance by Sabu helped minimize the damage.

Former partners and World Tag Team Champions, Kane and Big Show were no strangers to each other. The two giants battled each other back and forth, and at one point in the match, Kane was able somehow to escape a pinfall following Show’s signature chokeslam.

Later, Show tried to suplex Kane through a pair of tables at ringside, but the Big Red Monster escaped. Instead, he nailed Show twice with a chair, sending the ECW Champion crashing through the tables and busting him wide open.

Kane looked to have the match won after a DDT, but Paul Heyman pulled the referee out of the ring to prevent the pinfall. Incensed, the Big Red Monster dragged Heyman into the ring, but before he could do any damage, Show recovered and blasted him with a chair twice. That was followed by a chokeslam onto the chair, and that was enough to subdue Kane for the three count.

However, that wasn’t all Big Show had planned. He tried to nail Kane one more time with the chair, but Sabu made his way out to stop the carnage. Apparently mad after being denied an ECW Championship match earlier in the night, Sabu took things into his own hands; he jumped off the top tope and nailed Big Show with a chair, ending the attack on Kane.

It was another tough battle, but for the third week in a row a WWE Superstar was unable to take the gold from Big Show in his own environment.

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