Deadman under attack

 Just five days before his match with The Great Khali at The Great American Bash, Undertaker headed to ECW on Sci Fi looking to defeat Big Show for the ECW World Championship. But when all was said and done, another double team attack from Big Show and Khali left him lying in a pile of rubble.

Near the end of the match, it looked as if the Deadman would be able to conquer the World’s Largest Athlete. However, while Undertaker was punishing the champion outside the ring, Khali made his way to ringside. The Deadman stopped his attack on the champion to meet him, and the two giants brawled around the ringside area.

Big Show soon joined in the attack, and the match was thrown out. For a while, Undertaker held his own, bashing both men in the head with a chair. But when he began moving things off of the announcers’ table, Show & Khali were able to recover.

Much like they did at Saturday Night’s Main Event, Big Show & Khali grabbed the Deadman by the throat and gave him a double chokeslam. This time, however, they sent Undertaker crashing through the announcers’ table; and as ECW on Sci Fi went off the air, Khali was standing over the Deadman with his arms raised in the air.

After suffering two attacks in four days, what kind of shape will Undertaker be in Sunday night, when he must face Khali in a Punjabi Prison Match at The Great American Bash?

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