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As previously announced on and, Edge will challenge Rob Van Dam Tuesday night on ECW on Sci Fi. It will be an Extreme Rules Match with both the WWE and ECW Championships on the line. and got comments from Rob Van Dam on Thursday night, which can be read here. When we caught up with Edge the next morning, he had already seen what the champion had to say. In particular, the Rated R Superstar offered a rebuttal to the champion’s comments about the atmosphere in Philadelphia.

“Most people would be intimidated, but I get off on it,” Edge said. “I’m the Rated-R Superstar, I do what I want when I want. I look to it as motivation; it fired me up and gets me ready. The game face will be on, and I’ll be ready to pull stuff out that most people won’t expect. Actually, RVD might expect it because he knows what Edge is all about.”

And what Edge is all about is regaining the WWE Championship this Tuesday night…and if he does, he’ll take the ECW Championship as well. He had an opportunity at Vengeance, but the meeting of Edge’s head and a steel chair led to his demise. Although it was a setback, the Rated-R Superstar said that it gave him a new outlook on his opposition. 

“What I did at Vengeance was outsmart myself; RVD being a great athlete saw the opportunity and he pounced,” the Rated-R Superstar said. “It was smart and I would’ve done the same thing. I’ll never take anything away from RVD the wrestler, he’s awesome. I know I brought out an old side of RVD and he brought one out of me that hasn’t been seen in a long time.”

Despite that, he lost at Vengeance; so how will Edge alter his game plan to be successful this time?

“This time (the match) is under Extreme Rules…we all know how well I do with the tables, ladders and chairs,” the Rated-R Superstar remarked. “When it comes to being hardcore, I proved that I can do it at WrestleMania; just ask Mick Foley. I can excel in any situation, and like I’ve said, I’m not pro-WWE or anti-ECW, I’m pro-Edge. I don’t care about promotions; I care about myself, plain and simple.”

Edge says he’s not anti-ECW or pro-WWE, but in his comments about the match Van Dam said that he thinks “Edge wants to be ECW so bad.” Not so, says the Rated-R Superstar.

“Am I a fan of ECW? Not really. But am I a fan of RVD? Yes,” he said. “That means it will be all that much sweeter when I beat him for the championship. I look forward to challenges like this; it’s in Philly on ECW’s grounds. I’m walking into enemy territory and everything is in RVD’s favor. There should be no way I can win this thing…but I thrive on that. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; ECW fans don’t like me because I excel at what they love. I’m multi-faceted; I can wrestle an Iron Man Match with Angle or Benoit, but if you put me in an Extreme Rules Match look out because I can steal the show in that kind of match too.”

If Edge wins on Tuesday night, he will be ECW in a way because he’ll be the reigning ECW World Champion. But he’ll also be the WWE Champion, and last time he won that championship there was quite the celebration. Can we expect to see that again?

“Well, I’m sure we’ll do something that’s going to push buttons; it’ll certainly make sure people push the buttons on their remote to watch,” he said, “because I am the most watched champion since (Stone Cold Steve) Austin. So when I win that championship, I’ll do something to promote myself or piss people off.”

Tuesday night is put up or shut up time for the Rated-R Superstar; will he be leaving Philadelphia as the Rated-R Champion?

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