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Now that summer has officially arrived it's only fitting that WWE's new flagship publication, WWE Magazine, kicked off with a Summer Special Issue. Available now on newsstands everywhere, a few weeks before the premiere issue hits newsstands July 11, the Summer Issue gives readers some of what's expected—sexy snapshots of WWE Divas in slinky bikinis, and exclusive interviews with WWE Superstars. But it's the content of the interviews and the context in which the Superstars answer the questions that diverts from the suspected.

"This is life outside the ring," said Editor-in-Chief Tony Romando, referring to the direction the new magazine will take. "It's everything you won't see on TV. Follow them to a concert, the beach, the mall and even to a bus stop in Columbus, OH, for an entertaining beat down of an incontinent elderly fellow."

While Superstars beating up the geriatric will now find print on its pages, Romando makes it clear WWE Magazine will not be devoid of news pertaining to what's happening inside the ring. "There's still tons of grappling action in the mix," he added.

In the special Summer Issue there's a pictorial of a BBQ Blowout where more than 40 Superstars and Divas pose for photos and sound off on topics ranging from summer fitness tips, favorite road trip songs, worst summer camp moments, and their strangest summer job. (Who would have guessed John Cena was once a limo driver, or that Shawn Michaels spun pizza before becoming the Showstopper?)

Other topics covered in the Summer Issue include a movie preview of this year's projected blockbusters; details on where to find the newest gadgets for summer activities or for the home; a look back at the matches of SummerSlam '88; fashion advice from Carlito; John Cena's tips for how to sculpt a washboard stomach and—perhaps the most useful for anyone throwing a summer bash—a five-step guide on how to create your own Superstar entrance.

There's a section on "History's Greatest Summer Rivalries" that documents the best out of the ring feuds from The Beatles vs. the Rolling Stones, Tyson vs. Spinks, McGwire vs. Sosa and Reggie Jackson vs. Billy Martin to the classic in-ring battles of legendary Superstars like Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Undertaker and Lex Luger vs. Yokozuna.

Also inside, a guide to what summer festivals and concerts WWE Superstars are looking forward to rocking out at. Who's heading to Lollapalooza? The Warped Tour? Ozzfest?  (Who would have pegged RVD as a Journey fan?)

The new WWE Magazine is a must for any WWE fan, but also anyone who enjoys reading tidbits and factoids about pop culture, sports entertainment, or for those who simply enjoy looking at photos of insanely hot Divas. Look for the premiere issue of WWE Magazine in July, and be sure to pick up the Summer Special Issue available now.

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