Extreme setback

RAW once again invaded ECW on Sci Fi this week, but the results weren’t quite as good as the first time.

In the main event of the show, Edge & Randy Orton took on their respective Vengeance opponents, Rob Van Dam & Kurt Angle, in a tag team match. Before the bout began, Edge reminded the ECW fans what he thought about them, saying “I think that ECW sucks, and I think that all of you who love ECW suck too.”

Edge & Orton controlled most of the match; after Lita pulled the ropes down to send Van Dam crashing to the floor early on, the RAW duo isolated the WWE Champion in their half of the ring. Edge & Orton worked over Van Dam’s ribs, with the Rated-R Superstar obviously trying to soften him up before Sunday.

The advantage seemed to come to an end when RVD finally tagged Angle. The Wrestling Machine cleaned house and got the Ankle Lock on Orton, but Edge was able to pull his partner to the ropes.  Orton then took a page from Angle’s playbook and went to work on the knee, but Angle was able to recover.

From there, all hell broke loose. Angle locked in his rear naked choke on Edge, but Lita ran in to claw at his eyes. Van Dam and Orton got involved and a melee ensued; Lita once again tried to get involved as Edge was in the Ankle Lock, but she got nailed with an Angle Slam instead. After an RKO took Angle and Orton out of the equation, Edge looked to finish the match and set Van Dam up for a spear.

Instead, the WWE Champion used the extreme rules to his advantage, clocking the Rated-R Superstar with the WWE Championship. He followed up with a Five-Star Frog Splash, and the ECW Rebels stole a victory from the RAW crusaders to give themselves momentum heading into Vengeance.

The final ECW vs. WWE match at Vengeance is John Cena vs. Sabu, and the bout took on an extreme twist during ECW on Sci Fi. Never one to back down, Cena walked straight into the lions den and addressed Paul Heyman as the entire ECW roster stood right there. While he sort of praised Sabu for his attack on RAW, Cena really only came to Albany with an offer.

“I have an offer…I'll look you all dead in the eye, because ECW doesn’t like me or how I do business,” Cena said. “I have no problem with that. You want to fight? All you have to do is show up. Bring anybody you want…hell, bring everybody! My offer is that at Vengeance, John Cena and Sabu have an Extreme Lumberjack Match!”

Love or hate Cena, but you have to admit that the man has a lot of “testicular fortitude” to walk into ECW and make that challenge. He obviously knows full well what’s in store, but that’s okay; as he told Heyman, “I’m man enough to stare a good ass kicking in the face; all I want Sunday is a chance to go down swinging.”

And he will get it, as Sabu immediately accepted the offer. Cena then simply turned and walked away, choosing to wait until Vengeance to take his swings.

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