Who will it be?

Rob Van Dam will challenge John Cena for the WWE Championship at ECW One Night Stand. And while everyone is eagerly anticipating that match, perhaps no one has more interest in it than Edge. Two weeks ago on RAW, The Rated-R Superstar defeated Big Show to become No. 1 Contender for the WWE Championship, and he will take on the champion at Vengeance.

When asked who he would prefer to face, Edge told WWE.com that it really doesn’t make a difference. “I’m not going to be picky. Whoever wins, I’m going to beat them,” said the Rated-R Superstar. Despite the non-preference, Edge sees motivation either way. “I’ve been up and down a lot of roads and been in a lot of battles with John Cena, but I’ve never really had that experience with Rob Van Dam so that’s an entertaining thought to me,” he said. “It’s a new challenge and as a professional it’s something that excites me. At the same time, from a personal standpoint, I don’t like John Cena at all. I don’t like anything he stands for, from his choice in music to his choice in clothing, and we’re polar opposites. We couldn’t get any further in two personalities. He’s hip-hop, I’m rock n’ roll. I would like once again to beat him for the Championship.”

With everything that’s happened leading up to One Night Stand, many have surmised that Edge has taken a pro-WWE, anti-ECW stance in recent weeks; the Rated-R Superstar, however, sees things a little differently. “I’m not necessarily pro WWE, I’m pro Edge,” he said. “I don’t enjoy ECW fans or people who claim to be smart about something that they have no clue about but think they do. I don’t enjoy people saying “this match rules” during Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka last year when that match had no psychology and no story whatsoever. It was a joke to me, and those people became a joke to me because they thought they knew what they were talking about; they thought they were being smart by showing how stupid they were.”

If Rob Van Dam wins at One Night Stand, he has said that he will rename it the ECW World Championship…so how would Edge feel if he were fighting for the ECW Championship at Vengeance? “It wouldn’t stay the ECW Championship for long; it would go back to being the WWE Championship, the championship that dates back to Buddy Rogers and Bruno Sammartino and Hulk Hogan and all the rest,” the Rated-R Superstar said confidently. “That’s what I grew up watching. I didn’t grow up watching ECW; it wasn’t around when I grew up, so I would take the championship back to what it is now.”

And while Edge admits that he does share a common bond with ECW, he’s still a WWE Superstar through and through. “I may be the Rated-R Superstar and I may thumb my nose at authority and everything else, that’s the one thing I have in common with ECW,” he said, “but I do believe in history and I do believe in what I grew up on, and that was the WWE.”  

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