Rey & P.O.D. to "Rock the Party" in the 619

At WrestleMania 22 in Chicago, rock superstars P.O.D. burned up the stage performing Rey’s entrance theme “Booyaka 619,” which is available everywhere now on the new Wreckless Intent album. Tonight, the World Champion and P.O.D. will be together again when Rey joins the band at San Diego’s House of Blues.

“The whole idea is for me to go on stage and present the band,” Rey told “I’m going to go out there with my mask and my championship and let the 619 fans know that P.O.D. is in the house.”

Like Mysterio, the members of P.O.D. hail from the 619, having formed in San Diego in 1991. The fact that they share their hometown makes the moment even more special for Rey. “It was a good feeling that night in Chicago, and I can’t wait to do it again,” the champion told “Just knowing that the 619 boys were together for that one special moment on the night I won the World Heavyweight Championship…it was like a 619 coming out party.”

That said, Rey told that “I didn’t really get to enjoy much of P.O.D.’s performance at WrestleMania,” Rey told, “because I was focused on the match. But being with them at the House of Blues is going to be great. It’s my first time to go see them perform live in concert, and I can’t wait."

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