Down, but not out

Trish Stratus may have suffered an injury at Backlash, but that doesn't mean the delicious Diva will be disappearing from your television screen. 

Luckily for Trish, her shoulder injury wasn't as severe as it could have been. "There was a dislocation, but there was thankfully no ligament or tendon damage," Trish told me over the phone. "There's a hairline fracture in there, which I have to let heal, but I'm not in all that much pain anymore."

Trish practices yoga regularly, and she cited that as one of the things that helped keep the severity of the injury down. "The doctors told me that because I was so flexible thanks to yoga, it kept anything from tearing right off the bone, which is the major concern in any dislocation."

In fact, Trish told me that yoga will be a major part of her rehab. "I went to yoga twice last week and it really helped. Luckily, I was able to do pretty much everything I normally do. I don't have anything specific to do to rehab my shoulder, other than trying to keep the flexibility and range of motion where it should be."

Last week, Trish cost Mickie James a tag team match, and she was in Maria's corner this past Monday night for a match with the Women's Champion. "Just because I'm injured doesn't mean you won't see me," Trish told me. "I think the fans will still get some Stratusfaction every Monday night!"

If you still can't get enough Trish, then her "Evolution of a Diva" subsection on should help your appetite. But what does Trish think about being profiled? "I think it's great. I'm totally honored, and it's enlightening to go back and see my evolution. Sometimes, you tend to forget everything you've done over the years, and it's brought back a lot of memories. I saw that did a subsection on Triple H as well; so if he's the King of Kings, I guess that means I'm the Queen of Queens?"

With everything Trish has accomplished in her career, it might be hard to disagree with that statement. Check out Trish's "Evolution of a Diva" subsection here.

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