The Big Valbowski prepares for surgery

On the March 27 edition of RAW, Val Venis teamed with Viscera & Eugene to face the Spirit Squad. At the end of the match, Val was shoved off the top rope and landed hard on the mat, injuring his right arm. Spirit Squad member Kenny dropped a Guillotine Legdrop onto Val's arm after the match, further exacerbating the injury. This week, caught up with Val Venis to get the full story on his injury and upcoming surgery. What was the full extent of the injury you suffered on RAW?
Venis: Well, from years of wrestling, my right elbow has a lot of loose bodies and bone spurs inside of it. I also have some nerve damage caused by a bone spur that has created scar tissue, and that caused two of the fingers on my right hand to go numb. When the Spirit Squad pushed me off the top rope on RAW, I landed on my right arm and it just popped the elbow. When Kenny dropped the leg on me after the match, that pretty much mangled it. I could've gone another few years with the existing injury, but after what happened on RAW, I have no other choice but surgery. What will the surgery entail?
Venis: I have a nerve conduction test today so they can see which nerve is being blocked. Then on Thursday (April 6), I go in for the surgery. They're going to remove the bone chips and shave down the bone spurs and clean up the arthritis in there a little bit. Then, they're going to cut the nerve out of the bottom of my elbow so they can remove the scar tissue, then sew the nerve back onto the inside of my elbow. Hopefully that will help me get some feeling back in my elbow. They have a lot of work to do. Is this the most significant injury you've suffered in your career?
Venis: Sort of. It will be my first surgical procedure; I had a serious neck injury a few years ago, but I managed to dodge the surgery bullet. Back about three years ago, my right arm was starting to go numb because the C6 and C7 vertebrae in my neck were inflamed and pushing into my spinal column. I went to Dr. Lloyd Youngblood in San Antonio, and he suggested the same spinal fusion surgery that Edge, Chris Benoit and others have had. I asked him how it happened, and he said that constant pounding on the discs dry them out. Once they're dry, they can inflame or break and cause nerve damage. I inquired about traction and anti-inflammatory therapy; he told me it wouldn't work, but I wanted to take a few weeks and try traction. I figured that if constant weight caused the discs to dry out, taking weight off the discs would help. They're like sponges, so I figured that they'd be able to reabsorb bodily fluids and blood and such. I did traction three times a day for 20 minutes each, and within a few days the numbness went completely away. I continued doing the traction, and it seems to have worked. I still do it a couple times a week, and it's going on four years now. Unfortunately, that can't help me in this case. How long do you expect to be out of action?
Venis: Well, they told me it would be 8-10 weeks total. After the surgery, I go in next Monday (April 10) for a check-up to make sure everything is okay. From then on, if all is well I can start physical therapy to get the elbow back in shape. Hopefully I'll be back by the end of June. What will you do during your time off?
Venis: Well, my Val Venis "Love Stinks" St. Valentine's Day Sucktacular was a success, so I'd love to do some more web shows for When you come back, will the Spirit Squad be the first thing on your mind?
Venis: Oh absolutely. They're phenomenal athletes, but they're a little too cocky for their own good, and when The Big Valbowski returns they'll be the first ones in the crosshairs. Kenny & Mikey are the tag champs now, which is even more reason to go after them. Speaking of tag teams, you and Viscera have become a formidable team in the last year. Will you continue to team when you return?
Venis: Definitely. Like I said, Kenny & Mikey have the World Tag Team Championship, so that gives us more reason to go after them. Vis & I have been more about having fun as a team, but I've talked to him about things recently and when I come back, we're going to show that we can kick some ass and still have some fun. The World Tag Team Championship is every team's ultimate goal, and it would make it sweeter if I can knock off the Spirit Squad to get the gold. Anything else you'd like to say to the fans?
Venis: Well, I did some autograph sessions during WrestleMania week, and the fans were very supportive of my concerning my injury. So I'd like to say thanks for the support, and keep the Big Valbowski in your minds because I'll be back soon.


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