Another legend killed

Another legend killed

Rob Van Dam may have defeated Randy Orton in their Stretcher Match at One Night Stand, but only Orton was able to walk out of the arena afterwards.

Following a string of concussions that RVD has suffered from Orton over the past several weeks, it was no surprise that the Legend Killer zeroed-in on Van Dam's head in the match. At times, RVD looked dazed, but was able to gut out a victory in the waning moments of the contest.

However, Van Dam wouldn't have time to celebrate. A visibly frustrated Orton recovered quickly and ambushed RVD from behind. From there, the Legend Killer did everything in his power to destroy RVD, the man many consider one of the last remaining spirits of the original ECW.

It's evident that the "new" Randy Orton that has emerged from a series of mishaps and costly mistakes from his past is more dangerous and uncaring than his predecessor. Without a remorseful bone in his body, Orton revealed how it felt to possibly be the person to end RVD's WWE career immediately following their match.

"I took out RVD just like I took out ECW legend Tommy Dreamer and the ‘legend of all legends,' Shawn Michaels," bragged Orton. "My mission in WWE now is to seek and destroy. The last three people I've wrestled -- RVD, Dreamer, HBK -- they've all gotten kicked squarely in the face and have been knocked out of actions for days, weeks, months or in RVD's case, indefinitely."

Along with dropping some of sports-entertainment's top talents, the Legend Killer has also dropped any ounce of respect he held for those who have fallen victim to his refocused agenda.

"Shawn is out for a long, long time because of me," said a ruthless Legend Killer. "I have no respect for those who have fallen at the hands of the RKO. That applies to RVD as well; I have no respect for him, either."

Beyond taking out Superstars left and right, Orton is depending on his new attitude to expand his dominance outside of titles and WWE accolades.

"The new Randy Orton has his sights set on more than just championships," said Orton. "He sees more than himself being the future of wrestling; Randy Orton will take out his opponents one by one until there is nobody left to represent this company except Randy Orton. I've already begun this chain of events to make that claim a reality, and trust me, it will only get worse for those who get in the way."

But what's different in Orton now that wasn't in him before? What has enabled the Legend Killer to execute these callous attacks on Superstars like Rob Van Dam and Shawn Michaels?

"The old Randy Orton was a little more lackadaisical when preparing for a match," admitted the third-generation Superstar. "The old Randy Orton wouldn't take as much time mentally to prepare for matches, whereas the new Randy Orton gets into the heads of his opponents and gets mentally sound before he gets into the ring. I've proven that I can take out the best, and I don't plan on stopping until I reach the top again."

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