"The Casa" and "Dirt Sheet" at Ringside early

"The Casa" and "Dirt Sheet" at Ringside early

In more great news for AT&T subscribers who are on the go, "The Dirt Sheet" and "Santino's Casa" will now be available exclusively on WWE Ringside 24 hours before the video segments appear on WWE.com. If you're not an AT&T subscriber, it's time to switch now. For more information on WWE Ringside, click here.

Every Thursday, Santino Marella will open up the doors to "Santino's Casa" a little early, allowing those with WWE Ringside exclusive admission to the insights from Raw's outspoken Italian braggadocio.

In similar fashion, WWE Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison will scandalize WWE Ringside exclusively on Fridays with "The Dirt Sheet." The move ensures that ECW's Chick Magnet and Shaman of Sexy can't include AT&T subscribers among their weekly list of losers.

"Santino's Casa" and "The Dirt Sheet" join the ever-expanding list of WWE's mobile video content, which also includes After the Bell, daily WWE News, DVD moments, Diva Shorts and more. But this exclusive content is accessible only through a subscription to WWE Ringside. To get WWE Ringside, just text VIDEO to 993 from your AT&T phone, and get the first month on us as a bonus. On your AT&T 3G phone, navigate to CV > Entertainment > WWE Mobile or CV > Sports > WWE Mobile, and start enjoying all the WWE action wherever you want.

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