"Dirt Sheet": Dead or Alive?

"Dirt Sheet": Dead or Alive?

Was there nothing that The Miz and John Morrison wouldn't do for a laugh?

The Slammy Award-winning duo donned sweater vests and wigs to diss Shad and JTG's fathers. They pretended to defecate in Finlay's gym bag to ridicule the fighting Irishman and his tiny tot, Hornswoggle. They even covered their faces with masks resembling rear ends to mock their recent rivals, the newly Unified WWE Tag Team Champions, Primo & Carlito Colon.

But now, in the wake of the WWE Draft and Supplemental Draft, with Miz headed to Raw and Morrison off to SmackDown, the WWE Universe is left to wonder what will become of these court jesters of the canvas, and their WWE.com Video Original series, The Dirt Sheet.

Well, now is your chance to toss in your two cents to WWE.com by joining the conversation on WWE Universe. No decision has yet been made regarding the show's fate, but WWE.com executives have concluded that there are several possibilities. Among them:

*Both Miz and Morrison could simply continue their own separate versions of The Dirt Sheet, auditioning various Superstars week after week. For example, The Miz & Kung Fu Naki, or Morrison & Mark Henry.

*The hosts could battle for control of the show in a "Winner Gets The Dirt Sheet" Match. The victor could then hold auditions for a co-host -- or simply just hog up twice as much air time, of which both Superstars have proven they are more than capable.

*Miz without Morrison, and vice versa, does not a Dirt Sheet make. Even if the two only broadcast special episodes once a month, at least they'll be together.

*If The Dirt Sheet is going to be corrupted beyond the point of recognition, it's best to let the show die with a measure of dignity -- at least more than its hosts have ever shown Superstars like Evan Bourne.

Or perhaps you've thought of another option. To have your voice heard, log onto WWE Universe and let WWE.com know what you think. Because in life there are winners, there are losers … and there are Dirt Sheet fanatics. Be jealous!

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