Vickie Guerrero pregnant

Vickie Guerrero pregnant

Vickie Guerrero is the wife of WWE World Heavyweight Champion Edge, the lover of Edge's rival Big Show and now, surprisingly, an expectant mother.

It was confirmed early this morning that the acting General Manager of SmackDown and interim GM of Raw is pregnant. According to eye-witness accounts, Guerrero visited the El Paso, Texas office of obstetrician/gynecologist Dr. Michael Keys Tuesday afternoon seeking pre-natal care. Due to patient/doctor confidentiality, Keys' office could neither confirm nor deny that Guerrero is a patient of the ob-gyn and is seeking pre-natal care.

Although our wishes for a healthy pregnancy are extended to Guerrero, would be remiss were it not to acknowledge the awkward situation in which Guerrero may now find herself. After all, it was revealed just three weeks ago that Guerrero was carrying on an extra-marital affair with her husband's rival and one-third of the Triple Threat Match at the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania, Big Show.

The affair will undoubtedly lead some to speculate on the paternity of the expectant child.

Neither Guerrero, Edge nor Big Show have responded to repeated requests for comment. Check in with for the latest on this breaking story.

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