WWE Universe causing a stir

WWE Universe causing a stir

As an update to the article below, Variety.com is not the only Web site taking notice of the WWE Universe and WWE.com's new HD digital video player. Several other media outlets including Cynopsis.com, TVWeek.com, Examiner.com and BrandRepublic.com have also picked up on the WWE's newest successes. The stories can be found at the below links:



In an article on Variety.com posted Nov. 18, WWE.com's silent launch of WWE Universe back in April has been a huge success with more than 200,000 WWE fans signing up without any advertising for the networking site. The site offers fans an opportunity to discuss anything and everything to do with WWE while also providing the unique opportunity to interact directly with more than 80 of their favorite Superstars who have signed up as members as well. (Join the WWE Universe now | Check out an inside look at the WWE Universe)

Also discussed in the article is WWE.com's new video system which has, as stated in the article, "… boosted viewership of original programming by 77 percent and increased ad impressions by 95 percent through pre-roll ads that play in front of content."

The full article can be read here.

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