JBL introduces "anti-energy" beverage

JBL introduces "anti-energy" beverage

This Wednesday, CEO of Layfield Energy and WWE Superstar John "Bradshaw" Layfield, along with Houston's Innovative Beverage Group, will introduce Drank "anti-energy" beverage to New York City. Layfield told WWE.com,"Drank is an extension of Layfield Energy's other beverages Mamajuana Extreme and 418."

The former WWE Champion added, "This is the first ‘anti-energy' drink for New Yorkers or anyone who needs to calm down after a hectic day. Of course, nobody is as busy as the self-made millionaire and WWE main eventer, JBL."

More information on Drank and Layfield Energy's other products can be found at the following:
Drank Beverage.com

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