OMG Moment of the Week returns

OMG Moment of the Week returns

Do you crave the Extreme? Well, then we have a cure for you as Joey Styles brings back the new and improved "OMG Moment of the Week."

The Original ECW was known for the pure guts and determination shown by the extreme Superstars every time they stepped into the ring as well as the lengths they would go to secure a victory. No matter what, when you witnessed an ECW event, you were awestruck by the carnage, and nobody every questioned why Joey Styles would exclaim "OH MY GOD!"

This week's "OMG Moment of the Week" rehashes the moment that elevated what most fans thought of extreme to the next level. Watch ECW Superstar Tommy Dreamer and "Primetime" Brian Lee beat each other to the bone in a Scaffold Match that brought the ECW name to new heights. It is no wonder why, after this match ended, the entire arena erupted into the classic ECW chant.

Make sure to come back next week as we look back at another extreme moment in ECW history that helped the brand secure a permanent spot in the hearts of hardcore wrestling fans.

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