"Santino's Casa" & "The Dirt Sheet" answer WWE Mobile's call

"Santino's Casa" & "The Dirt Sheet" answer WWE Mobile's call

WWE.com is proud to announce that three of WWE's most outspoken Superstars are now expressing their thoughts on WWE Mobile. "Santino's Casa," hosted by Santino Marella, and "The Dirt Sheet," hosted by WWE Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison, are now available to view anywhere, anytime, through your mobile device.
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Raw's Italian braggadocio sharpens his tongue enough to poke fun at anything his heart desires. During previous visits to the "Casa," Santino has aimed his caustic wit at American Idol, Snoop Dogg, David Hasselhoff, Tom Brady, the WWE Divas and even current WWE Champion Triple H, to name but a few. Though he may not be making any friends with what he says, Santino surely guarantees if you come to "Santino's Casa" with WWE Mobile, you'll be a big "weiner" like him.

Along with being invited into the "Casa" every week (though you can visit any time on your mobile device), The Miz & John Morrison kick up dustbeds of scandal every weekend with "The Dirt Sheet." Whenever ECW's Chick Magnet and Shaman of Sexy get together on camera, their personalities flare as they enlighten our fans who they perceive as winners and losers -- though in their eyes, anyone who's not them is pretty much a loser. The WWE Tag Team Champions may think a bit highly of themselves -- they're their biggest fans -- but there is no reason for AT&T subscribers to "be jealous." Text VIDEO to 993 from your AT&T phone or on your AT&T 3G phone, navigate to CV > Entertainment > WWE Mobile or CV > Sports > WWE Mobile".  Not an AT&T subscriber, get it now.

So join us in welcoming two of WWE.com's most entertaining exclusives to WWE Mobile and start enjoying both "Santino's Casa" and "The Dirt Sheet" -- as well as videos and pictures of your favorite WWE Superstars and exclusive Ringside content -- whenever and wherever you want with the use of your mobile device.      

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