Phoenix poised to rise again

Phoenix poised to rise again

After undergoing surgery for her severely torn left ACL ligament, Beth Phoenix hoped to answer the many questions and concerns that the WWE Universe has expressed about her progress and wellbeing.

"The WWE Universe has been wonderful with its outpouring of encouraging support," expressed a grateful Glamazon as she recuperated in her hospital bed. The beauty from Buffalo wasted no time revealing her state of mind as she begins the long road to recovery -- and hopefully returning to the ring better than ever.

"I can't afford to spend one day feeling sorry for myself, to feel sad or pitiful, because that's energy that I could be putting into picking myself up.

"Over the years, I've built my career on one simple principle: The idea that I will always rise again," the dominant Diva continued, embodying the true essence of her resilient name. "Whether struggling against the obstacles that stood in the way of me becoming part of WWE, coming back from surgeries or losing titles, I welcome the challenges that life throws my way. This will be no different."

However, in order for The Fabulous Firebird to rise from the ashes once again, she will need more than her unparalleled dedication and drive.

"Rehab will be the hardest thing for me. I'm not used to being told, ‘Take it easy.' It's usually ‘Push the limits!' More than anything, this comeback will be a test of patience for me."

Though getting her Women's Title back is sure to be her top priority once she is able to return to action, The Glamazon was willing to give credit where it's due.

"In some way, I'm proud of Layla for stepping up and taking an opportunity to become the new Women's Champion," she admitted. (Photos | Watch) "She is one of the hardest working Divas on the roster and, as a WWE Diva Search winner, she is no stranger to success. Michelle McCool has also overcome many challenges to earn an important place in Divas history, but even she can't say that she was chosen by the WWE Universe to become part of the WWE roster. That is an accolade Layla will always have over Michelle."

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