A Wii bit o' Trish

A Wii bit o' Trish

After whipping Beth Phoenix's butt last Monday night as Raw's guest host, WWE Diva of the Decade Trish Stratus seems eager to whip somebody else's rear end into shape -- yours!

The seven-time Women's Champion is set to star in Stratusphere Yoga, a new workout game for the Nintendo Wii gaming system. The game is still early in development but is said by the developer, Frima Studios, to make use of the Wii Balance Board and "other new and innovative Wii peripheral devices."

While Stratusphere Yoga is currently without a publisher, Frima hopes to roll out Stratusphere Yoga as early as Spring 2010. Unconfirmed rumor has that the new game will also come with a 100 percent Stratusfaction guarantee. Trish wouldn't have it any other way!

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