Are you ready? DTV transition arrives Friday for U.S. viewers

Are you ready? DTV transition arrives Friday for U.S. viewers

This Friday, June 12, television in the United States will make a radical shift from analog TV transmission to digital television, or DTV.

By law, full-power television stations nationwide must begin broadcasting exclusively in a digital format by Friday. The U.S. Congress approved an extension of the deadline, which had been originally set for Feb. 17.

Digital television, known as DTV, is an innovative type of broadcasting technology that provides crystal-clear pictures and sound, and more programming choices than ever before.

If you use an antenna to watch MyNetworkTV and WWE Friday Night SmackDown on a TV set that has an analog tuner -- and don't subscribe to cable, satellite or other pay TV service -- you will need to upgrade your television by Friday to continue to receive your programming. More than 2.8 million homes in the U.S. are not ready for the DTV switch, according to Neilsen.

If you watch WWE on an analog tuner TV, using an antenna, you must meet one of the following requirements to be ready for Friday's switch to DTV:

** Purchase a DTV converter box for your existing TV set. Certain coupon programs are available to help you offset converter box purchase costs. ( has more info)

** Purchase a TV set with a built-in digital tuner

** Subscribe to cable, satellite or other pay TV service, if that carrier offers the local broadcast stations you want.

For more on the switch to DTV, and to find out if your TV is digital-ready, visit or

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