CM Punk rocks out with H20

CM Punk rocks out with H20

The WWE Universe might notice a familiar face rocking out amongst the heavily tattooed crowd in the video for New York hardcore band H2O's new song, "Nothing To Prove." Yes, that's CM Punk sporting his vintage Chicago Cubs cap and throwing up his trademark "straightedge" symbol while singing along to the rousing chorus of this blistering rocker.

Mr. Money in the Bank is both a fan and a friend to the members of H20. Like The Straightedge Superstar, the band lives and preaches the straightedge lifestyle — a strict commitment to never smoke, drink or take drugs. The song "Nothing to Prove" is a testament to their belief that you don't have to follow the crowd to be popular — a perfect anthem for CM Punk. 

For H20's latest video featuring CM Punk, click here.

For more about H20 go to their site by clicking here.

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