WWE Fan Nation speaks out!

WWE Fan Nation speaks out!

With another week in the WWE history books and yet another ready to be written, the WWE Fan Nation is as vocal as ever. Asked to evaluate everything from sexiness to tag team success, the WWE Fan Nation has expressed some pretty strong opinions this week on WWE.com.

Appraised value

In celebration of his one-year anniversary in WWE, United States and WWE Tag Team Champion Montel Vontavious Porter was the subject of several voting debates this week on WWE.com.

Asked to vote on MVP's greatest rookie year moment, 38% of the WWE Fan Nation has selected Porter's fiery encounter at Armageddon as their top pick. In addition to MVP getting set on fire by Kane, the WWE Fan Nation has also appraised Porter's U.S. Title victory (receiving 27% of votes) and WWE Tag Team Championship triumph with Matt Hardy (18%) as his shining moments.

While MVP's golden victories rank high amongst the voters, his SmackDown contract signing -- which has received a mere 3% of votes -- was frankly frowned upon by the WWE Fan Nation.

Speaking of the WWE Tag Team Titles, the WWE Fan Nation also cast their vote on who might be the key threat to champions MVP and Matt Hardy. While 53% believe Porter's vanity could bring the pair down, roughly 31% believe Hardy's focus on the U.S. Championship could one day lead to the ruin of their reign. Still a true threat to the tag gold, former champions Deuce & Domino received 16% of votes as well.

Exposing their Diva desires

With Balls Mahoney's public courtship of Kelly Kelly keeping love in the air in the Land of the Extreme, the WWE Fan Nation has been asked about their ideal Diva date. Out of nearly 48,000 votes cast, the WWE Fan Nation chose Kelly as the member of Extreme Exposé they would ask out on a date. Close behind the blond bombshell are her curvy cohorts, Brooke and Layla who have each received 30% of the votes.

Too sexy for his height?

Switching from extremely hot to the extremely short, the WWE Fan Nation has also been asked to determine what may have caused Hornswoggle's sexy stock sky-rocket in recent weeks. It's uncertain whether or not Melina might agree, but 42% have voted that Horny's newfound power as a McMahon might be his key sexy factor. Though the WWE Fan Nation has not necessarily been swayed by Hornswoggle's prowess at the bar (8%), about 28% of all votes suggest that it's simply because he's cute and cuddly.

Mercy not a factor

As the world prepares for one of the most highly anticipated confrontations for the WWE Championship in recent memory, it appears that John Cena's Chain Gang is fully behind The Champ heading into No Mercy. The WWE Fan Nation has been asked which competitor has the advantage in the vile Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Title next Sunday.

Out of nearly 88,000 voters, 73% believe this match is the ideal forum for Cena, who has certainly raised his intensity level in his personal war against Orton. Though Orton's ruthlessness earned him 27% of the votes, the WWE Fan Nation clearly has their money on the enraged WWE Champion.

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