WWE Fan Nation speaks out!

WWE Fan Nation speaks out!

With Unforgiven just days away, the WWE Fan Nation has been hitting the polls hard, making known their opinions on what will happen this Sunday in Memphis, Tenn. They say that "the customer is always right," and if the WWE Fan Nation's prognostications are correct, there will be several unhappy Superstars come Monday morning.

Six of The Champ, Half a dozen of the Legend Killer

The big question on everyone's mind is whether or not John Cena can contain his emotions and once again successfully defend his WWE Championship against Randy Orton. Our fans, who have seen what Cena's done and gone through since SummerSlam, aren't quite sold on The Champ's chances of success, as the poll is nearly split directly in half. 50.6% believe he will retain, while 49.4% think it is Orton's time. Coincidentally, 63% of those who voted in another poll believe Cena's rage will be his undoing. A victory at Unforgiven would assure Cena of at least a one-year reign as WWE Champion -- a feat that hasn't been accomplished in nearly two decades -- so our fans may have seen that the odds are in the challenger's favor. Still, you can never discount The Champ; just like his hometown Patriots, he's been champion three times in the last few years. There is no word, however, whether or not Cena has been illegally videotaping his opponents' training sessions.

Divas and Hooligans and Rednecks, oh my!

Recent poll results are slightly brighter for Women's Champion Candice Michelle, who must face Beth Phoenix at Unforgiven. Regarding the Women's Championship Match, 54% think Candice will prevent Beth from rising to the top of the ranks like…well, like a phoenix. At least she has more fan support than Cade & Murdoch, as 85% of our fans believe they will be toppled by London & Kendrick at the pay-per-view.

Meanwhile, on the SmackDown side of things, Rey Mysterio's status is the hot debate. 56% of the 100,000-plus polled are confident he will make it to Unforgiven. Rey did win his first World Title in a Triple Threat Match (back at WrestleMania 22), so at least he has history on his side.

So, what does all this mean? Well, apparently, the WWE Fan Nation grudgingly accepts Legend Killers, Glamazons and underdogs, but rednecks need not apply for membership. If Cade & Murdoch have their say, however, they'll prove that the Electoral College isn't the only place where you can lose the popular vote and still come out on top.

Games of chance

In non-title action at Unforgiven, Triple H will face Carlito in a match that's No Disqualification…for the Caribbean Southpaw only. That doesn't seem to matter to our fans, because 93% of those polled believe The Game will overcome that stipulation and send the Puerto Rican produce connoisseur back to the fruit stand. So really, the only thing our fans believe that stipulation ensures is that The Cerebral Assassin won't be using his sledgehammer a la Gallagher to eliminate his opponent's bad-apple supply.

Meanwhile, in an update from last week, more of the WWE Fan Nation is jumping on the Undertaker's bandwagon. Only 55% of our fans now believe that Mark Henry will destroy The Deadman once and for all at Unforgiven, down from 60% as of the last tabulation. For those who are still waiting to hop on the bandwagon, a word of warning: There are a lot of dangerous animals out in Death Valley, so be sure to keep your hands and feet inside the bandwagon at all times.

Bizarre bazaar

While SmackDown's odd couple, Matt Hardy & MVP, continue to reign as WWE Tag Team Champions, 72% of our fans still believe that Matt shouldn't trust his Ballin' buddy. In response to their bizarre pairing, WWE.com asked the Fan Nation their opinion on the oddest couple in WWE history. It was a tight race with many contenders, but as of tabulation time, the dynamic duo of Kane & The Hurricane led with 20% of the votes, with the pairing of Booker T & Goldust close behind at 18%. While you wouldn't think monsters and superheroes would mix, "HurriKane" proved everyone wrong by winning the World Tag Team Championship in 2002. As for Booker & Goldust, well…they're also former World Tag Team Champions, and it's too bad the Houston native wasn't a King while teaming with Goldust. Actually, maybe not; while Goldust would most likely look good in a golden court jester's hat, something tells us that the Bizarre One would end up dressed like Queen Sharmell instead.

An education in extreme

When it comes to the Land of the Extreme, it looks like the WWE Fan Nation's bandwagon of choice is the Elijah Express. When asked if new ECW Champion CM Punk is truly the future of Extreme, a whopping 87% said "not quite." Mr. Burke has claimed that title as his own in the past, and at Unforgiven, he will have a chance to prove it when he battles Punk for Extreme gold.

Apparently, though, Extreme Educator Matt Striker is even less cared for. A recent ECW poll asked what our fans thought the "V" in Big Daddy V stood for, with the choices being "voluminous," "villainous," "vindictive" and "vainglorious." (Try to say that three times fast.) Just by looking at it, our fans could tell that Mr. Striker supplied the answers for that query, and as a result, only 15,000 fans voted. By the way, "voluminous" won, scoring 40% of the vote, but many of us here at WWE.com are left wondering which was more verbose: This poll or Striker's old Social Studies lectures at Cardozo High School.

Take a look back to see what the WWE Fan Nation had to say in last week's polls.

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