WWE Fan Nation speaks out!

WWE Fan Nation speaks out!

To somewhat paraphrase Jeff Probst's famous line from Survivor, the tribe has spoken…and the results are quite shocking.

While SmackDown Diva Ashley has been busy braving the wild as a contestant on Survivor: China -- which premieres on CBS Thursday, Sept. 20 (8/7 CT) -- our fans have been fervently voting in WWE.com's numerous polls. And in perhaps the most unbelievable results of the bunch, an overwhelming majority of our fans revealed that not everyone hates Mr. McMahon.

Dad to the bone

While Monday's Raw will hopefully provide the answer as to which WWE Superstar is a half-McMahon, the WWE Fan Nation has been prognosticating on the illegitimate child's identity all week.

As of this writing, the current leader is ECW Original Stevie Richards with 22.5% of the vote. Surely, no one would see that coming, which leads us to believe that perhaps a wishfully-thinking Mr. Richards is sitting at his home computer with his finger on the voting button.

Things could get messy, however, if our fans' second choice is the illegitimate McMahon. Why? Well, hot on Richards' heels with 20.5% of the vote is none other than...Mr. McMahon's former son-in-law, Triple H!  If The Game ends up being revealed as the fruit of Mr. McMahon's loins, that would make Stephanie McMahon both The Chairman's daughter and ex-daughter-in-law...as if their relationship isn't already complicated enough. 

Papa don't preach

After all that Mr. McMahon has done, can nearly half of our fans actually stand behind the WWE Chairman? That thought may seem unbelievable, but the polls tell a different story.

The McMahon family hinted on Raw that their, uh, beloved patriarch might need to step down from his position as Chairman of the Board and seek help for his infidelities. More than 60% of the 340,000 WWE fans who voted said he should step down -- and that's not counting any "pregnant chads."

Perhaps that result is "justified" by the fact that when asked what Mr. McMahon's worst offense is, only 24% of the voters marked the revelation of Shane and Stephanie's bastard brother as tops. Instead, the majority believed that picking on his only female child was worse, as nearly 36% said making Steph say "I Quit" in an October 2002 match was far worse than siring a half-McMahon. Although with so many choices of extramarital affairs and family squabbles to choose from -- the poll did have seven options -- perhaps our fans realized that the only one who can help Mr. McMahon is Maury Povich.

Unforgiven Too…err, three

While Unforgiven is still a couple weeks away, the WWE Fan Nation has already begun to voice their opinions on what they think they'll see on Sept. 16 in Memphis, Tenn.

60% of voters -- nearly 188,000 of the 340,000 strong -- think that Unforgiven might be Undertaker's last stand, as they said that Mark Henry will destroy The Phenom once and for all. 64% also believe that Rey Mysterio will become a two-time World Champion, but those stats actually dwarf in comparison to their opinion of the World Tag Team Championship Match. 85% of voters believe Paul London & Brian Kendrick will topple Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch, a result that would give London & Kendrick two championship victories over Cade & Murdoch within 10 days.


CM Punk is the new ECW Champion, and with that title comes a laundry list of potential challengers. When asked who they think will rise up as the Straightedge Superstar's biggest threat, 51% made it known that Big Daddy V is the guy Punk should watch out for. Well, naturally; Big Daddy V is twice the size of the other four options. (The others were Tommy Dreamer, Boogeyman, Armando Estrada and The Miz, for you completists out there.) That literal -- and perhaps too easy -- joke aside, Mr. V is on a roll lately that made him quite worthy of gaining the majority vote. It is back-to-school time, so if your teacher, Matt Striker, can keep his super-heavyweight student focused on the assignment of dethroning Punk, it's a prognostication that 100% of the WWE Fan Nation could see come true.

Take a look back at what the WWE Fan Nation had to say on last week's WWE.com polls.

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