The Game plays at Toy Fair 2010

The Game plays at Toy Fair 2010

NEW YORK—It was time to play with The Game at Toy Fair 2010 in New York City's Jacob Javits Center, where Triple H and Mattel revealed the latest and upcoming torrents of WWE toys.

Just more than a month after the commencement of WWE and Mattel's toy tag team partnership, the two entertainment champions unveiled a bevy of brand-new products -- including a WWE Legends line featuring "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Dusty Rhodes and others -- to kick off the weeklong toy convention in the Big Apple. (PHOTOS)

"You could almost say that Toy Fair is the WrestleMania of the toy industry," Triple H explained, "and Mattel is the defending World Heavyweight Champion that is going to come in and retain."

"Mattel has every toy line that you can think of that has been a major factor in kids' lives since forever," he said. "Barbie. Hot Wheels. And now, WWE."

Engulfed by displays of WWE's newest feature-rich action figures, the 13-time World Champion gave first-rate approval of Mattel's Triple H toys (all four incarnations) and the entire spread of scaled-down WWE Superstars.

"The figures are extremely detailed … in the tape, the tattoos, everything. And they're proper sized. Rey Mysterio is tiny, Big Show is, you know … fat. Hornswoggle's character is extremely dwarfish. It's all incredibly accurate," boasted The Game with his usual DX-inspired irreverence.

The witty banter made way for genuine praise as The King of Kings clasped his very own eerily precise, miniature rendition of himself.

"It's very cool to see yourself [so closely replicated] in plastic," admitted The Game. "I can remember when my first action figure came out. I thought, ‘Wow! I've made it now -- I have my own action figure.' For younger Superstars today, they're excited for their first figure and when it comes out, they're freaked out by it."

He continued, "You lose some of the hype of that as years go on, but when you get to a level of figure like this -- from where we were in the past to where we are today with Mattel -- it's exciting to me. This takes action figures into a whole new realm of realism and enjoyment."

This enjoyment of the kid-aged (and hearted) members of the WWE Universe, specifically, is something that WWE Chief Operating Officer Donna Goldsmith agreed is a prime emphasis of the new plastic creations.

"It's the family-friendly motto," Goldsmith said. "Mattel is a perfect match for WWE and our family-friendly entertainment. This is more like family than it is a licensing relationship."

According to Goldsmith, the launch of WWE action figures with Mattel's unparalleled expertise was a satisfying effort more than two years in the making. Despite so closely guiding the project for such a long time, Goldsmith counts herself among so many others who've been utterly wowed by the results.

"This new line is the most realistic, the most authentic ever," she added, "and the features are unlike we've ever seen before. It feels like you're holding a small version of our Superstars in your hand."

As Goldsmith alluded, with a brand as globally dominant as Mattel, these very toys will find their way into the open hands of WWE Universe members across the world.

"The reason that Mattel is No. 1 -- besides the fact that they make the best products -- is that the reach and distribution of Mattel is amazing," Goldsmith affirmed. "They are in every country of the world, just like WWE. We are creating the best global launch ever seen for WWE."

These sentiments were echoed by an excited team of Mattel's magic-making toy experts, live on-hand for the Toy Fair press event. None, however, were more elated than Neil Friedman, president of Mattel Brands.

"This is opening day at Toy Fair," Friedman exclaimed, "and we have probably the biggest news in the toy industry today: The partnership between Mattel, the No. 1 toy company, and the No. 1 entertainment company, WWE."

"There are no words for how cool this is," the ecstatic Mattel mogul added. "This is just the dream of a lifetime to have [WWE] as part of Mattel."

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