Ringside Fest offers exclusive Flash-inspired Rey Mysterio

Ringside Fest offers exclusive Flash-inspired Rey Mysterio

Want to get your hands on a limited edition and exclusive Rey Mysterio action figure? All you have to do is head to Caroline's on Broadway located in Times Square in New York City on Saturday, Oct.30.(PHOTOS)

Ringside Collectibles, an online retailer of WWE action figures, is hosting "Ringside Fest," an event that highlights the innovative and wildly popular Mattel WWE action figures. At their annual event, Ringside Collectibles will offer a Mattel exclusive Rey Mysterio, featuring the The Master of the 619 in his comic book hero-inspired ring attire from WrestleMania XX.

Mysterio, an avid lover of superheroes, wore ring attire inspired by the costume of DC Comics' The Flash during the Cruiserweight Open at WrestleMania XX. Mattel, who also produces action figures for DC Comics, has immortalized The Ultimate Underdog's unforgettable attire in action figure form. The figure captures the WWE Superstar in incredible detail and is part of Mattel's WWE Elite Collection.

Along with a Q&A session with Mattel action figure designers, "Ringside Fest" also features appearances and autograph sessions with World Heavyweight Champion Kane and "Mr. Money in the Bank" The Miz. For more information on "Ringside Fest" please visit www.ringsidefest.com.

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