Mattel’s 2012 Holiday Hit List

Mattel’s 2012 Holiday Hit List

The holiday season is in full swing, and if you’re like most of us here at the offices, shopping this time of year is as terrifying as going one-on-one with Ryback. If you’re feeling Shell Shocked this December, check out this exclusive gift guide featuring Mattel’s hottest toys that are sure to thrill even the hardest-to-please Broskis, Cenation residents and other WWE Universe members on your list this year.

Elite Zack Ryder action figure

Mattel’s 2012 Holiday Hit List

Forget Rudolph, celebrate the holidays this year with Ryder the Hair-Gelled Broski! Mattel’s new Elite action figure of Zack Ryder is the most detailed version of Long Island Iced-Z yet. 

“It’s my favorite action figure I’ve ever had!” Ryder told “From head to toe, this figure is flawless. It’s got the removable headband, it’s got the shades, every detail on the boots and the gear is accurate, and most importantly, it’s got my Internet Championship.

“I am the longest-reigning champion in WWE. I’ve been the ‘Internet Champion’ for way longer than CM Punk’s been WWE Champion! So the fact that this figure comes with the Internet Title is SSSIIICCCKKK!”

WWE Rumblers Blastin’ Breakdown Ring

Mattel’s 2012 Holiday Hit List

What’s more fun than Mattel’s WWE Rumblers? Sending them flying through the air, of course! With the WWE Rumblers Blastin’ Breakdown Ring, young WWE Universe members (and everyone young at heart) can take over-the-top Rumblers action to new heights by catapulting figures through the playset’s cage and the ring itself. The first Rumbler to smash through the ring is the winner!

The Blastin’ Breakdown Ring comes complete with Rumblers action figures of John Cena and Alberto Del Rio, as well as two launchers to hurl the figures into action … or grandma’s cranberry stuffing.

Brawlin’ Buddies John Cena

Mattel’s 2012 Holiday Hit List

Do you know any John Cena fans that would love to go one-on-one with the 12-time World Champion? Mattel’s got them covered with the John Cena Brawlin’ Buddy, a plush rendition of The Cenation Commander-in-Chief.

This soft 16-inch figure is built for battle, and features signature phrases and action sounds recorded by Cena himself. If the Cenation member on your list prefers tag team action, they can join forces with Cena against other Brawlin’ Buddies in the collection, including Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton and Sheamus!

FlexForce High Flyin’ Fury Playset

Mattel’s 2012 Holiday Hit List

WWE TLC is one of our favorite winter traditions, and Mattel has devised the perfect way to recreate the table-smashing, chair-bashing and ladder-crashing action of the pay-per-view event with the FlexForce High-Flyin’ Fury Playset.

With an included FlexForce ring, the set enables WWE Universe members to send their FlexForce figures flying into a “breakable” chair, table, chair or each other. Even better, a special launcher can actually fling figures through the TitanTron itself! That’s one way to “hit the big screen.”

WWE Rumblers — Kane & The Undertaker

Mattel’s 2012 Holiday Hit List

The holiday season is all about family togetherness, and what siblings have bonded throughout the years quite like The Brothers of Destruction, Kane & The Undertaker?

OK, so maybe The Devil’s Favorite Demon and The Last Outlaw would sooner burn a home to cinders than deck its halls, and likely prefer the shrieks of tortured souls to the merry wassailing of Christmas carolers. Yet we imagine even monsters might try to get on Santa’s nice list … if only to lure Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick down a chimney and chokeslam the big man through a gingerbread house.

For everyone on your “nice” list, why not stuff their stockings with the Mattel’s WWE Rumblers Kane & The Undertaker two-pack? The towering terrors have been miniaturized to fit right in the palm of your hand, and are the perfect size for young WWE Universe to create all kinds of chaos. Whether The Brothers of Destruction will “play nice” with the rest of the toys around the Christmas tree is another story, though.

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