Clash of the Toy-tans: Mr. Perfect vs. Dolph Ziggler

Perfect vs. ZigglerThe claim to perfection would be the lofty title at stake in a match between Dolph Ziggler and Mr. Perfect, Curt Hennig.

Perfect dropkickThe blond, self-toutedly flawless WWE Hall of Famer would take severe exception to Ziggler's personal entrance music, in which the lyrics proclaim, "I am perfectionnnn!" as the key refrain. Where was this track when Hennig was climbing his way to the top of WWE with two Intercontinental Championship reigns that arguably elevated the prestige of the already heavily coveted title in the process?

That's not to take anything away from Ziggler, who has not only carried the same Intercontinental Title once defended by Perfect, but also the World Heavyweight Title  however briefly.

Ziggler sleeper holdANALYSIS
Mr. Perfect's impeccable ring prowess will be a great test for the young Ziggler. Even the agile, crafty grappler might struggle in outmaneuvering Perfect, a quick, catch-as-catch-can competitor. Broken down, it's a move-for-move scenario until one man can capitalize on the other's mistake - a fateful flaw in their sheen of perfection. At the highest likelihood, it's either man's temper and impatience that will get the better of them while giving the opponent the upper hand.

The match sees Hennig unleashing a torrent of weakening hits - a barrage of reverse knife edges, the running knee and, yes, the standing dropkick perfectly planted on Dolph’s puckered puss.

Perfect PlexOr is it just a dream? It seems like it when Ziggler traps Hennig's now poofed, bleached mane in a sleeper hold.

Don't count the drops of the Hall of Famer's limp arm yet, referee. The veteran leverages his experience to find his way out, then capitalizes on Dolph’s frustration. At just the right moment, the Perfect Plex is applied, pinning Ziggler’s shoulders to the mat and asserting Mr. Perfect's revered namesake.

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