TWEET 'WWE Magazine': Ask R-Truth

TWEET 'WWE Magazine': Ask R-Truth

In the August issue of WWE Magazine, R-Truth confesses his thoughts on Little Jimmy, Cena's denim, and the worst dancer in the WWE. The issue is available on newsstands today, or CLICK HERE to subscribe and never miss an issue!

Q: You slapped Ted DiBiase at WWE Over The Limit last year, and it was awesome. In your opinion, what was the greatest slap in WWE history? - Carter J., Simpson, S.C.

R-Truth: The greatest slap I've ever seen in WWE was the one Alberto Del Rio gave Big Show on Raw. That was a pretty big mountain to slap, too. I know it’s kinda recent, but it’s definitely at the top of my list right now. People will talk about Alberto handing it to Big Show for a long time.

Q: You’re a bad, bad man, Truth. Where is all this frustration coming from? - Nolan F., Floral Park, N.Y.

R-Truth: "Where does it come from"? Are you totally oblivious? Have you been tuning in to WWE with your eyes closed and your ears covered? My frustration comes from not getting what I want. I’m sick and tired of not getting my chance. Being overlooked again and again has brought out the mean in me. But the worst is yet to come, and it’s gonna be bad.

Q: What’s your take on The Miz wearing suits to the ring each week? Seems like he’s interviewing for a job he already has. - Tyler Z., Madison, Wisc.

R-Truth: Is he dressing for a job he has, or one he wants? Who knows? I do commend his style though. I’m a suit guy myself. I wear suits here and there. But I don’t wear one just to wear one like Miz does.

Q:  Do you and John Cena ever talk about who looks better wrestling in jeans? - Jamaal R., Saco, Maine

R-Truth: Now that you mention it, we never have, but that’s definitely a good topic for debate. I might bring it up the next time we bump into each other backstage. It’s not like it’s gonna be a tough debate. Obviously, I look better than he does. Of course I do. That’s the truth, man! Actually, why even bother asking John what he thinks? I should just go up to him and say, “I look better wrestling in jeans,” and leave it at that.

Q: What do you have to say to Little Jimmy? - Macks T., Chicago, Ill.

R-Truth: Little Jimmy needs to learn early on that the Truth hurts. That's what's up.

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