Here Comes The Money!

Here Comes The Money!

“The crowd had been chanting my name from the first minute of Raw. I’ve re-watched that several times, because I’ve never heard an ovation like that in my entire career. And, of course, in classic Dolph fashion, it’s not just ‘I show up, beat somebody up and win.’ That would never happen. I almost lost…twice! And the crowd was there with me every second of it. When I was in that Cross Armbreaker, the entire crowd went from ‘We Want Ziggler’ to ‘Oh…no.’ They’d been through so much with me, and they saw this huge opportunity but knew that there was a chance that I could get screwed. That’s why they lived and died with me on a four-minute match against an injured champion.”

“The thing that I remember the most was the reaction that was caught on camera of the fans. It put a staple on my reign as WWE Champion. And it wasn’t only ‘Angry Miz Girl,’ it was the crowd. They were all angry. They were upset. They couldn’t believe it.”

“For me, since I won the briefcase and cashed it in on the same night, those moments blended together. But I don’t think fans thought I was going to come right back out and win the World Heavyweight Championship. The brief

“After I cashed in the Money In The Bank briefcase, I was in Vegas with my now-wife. And I remember walking through the Venetian hotel in Vegas with the World Heavyweight Championship on my shoulder. And later that night, I pulled out a ring and proposed to her that night in our room. I thought it was cool, and I wanted to share that moment with her. It was a very good week for me.”

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