Play Survivor Series Bingo!

Play Survivor Series Bingo!

Play Survivor Series BINGO!
WWE’s Fall Classic is known for its unpredictability, but that never stops the editors here at WWE Magazine from speculation. We put together a list of things we think might happen as BINGO cards. Use the pay-per-view logo as your free space, and join us in a game on Nov. 18.

1. Referee misses outside interference.
2. A “We Want Ryder!” chant breaks out.
3. A Superstar kicks out of an opponent’s finishing move.
4. A WWE Hall of Famer makes a surprise return.
5. Superstar who’s already been eliminated helps distract or eliminate Superstar still in the match.
6. Someone debuts new gear.
7. A Superstar is eliminated in a traditional SS match.
8. The Rock shows up.
9. A Survivor Series team name has a funny and clever pun in it.
10. Dolph Ziggler cashes in his Money in the Bank contract.
11. Ryback wrestles more than two Superstars.
12. Randy Orton is a Sole Survivor.
13. There’s more than one SS Elimination Match.
14. More than one title change.
15. No title changes.
16. John Cena remains undefeated.
17. Someone is double-crossed.
18. Cole says “Vintage Cena!”
19. CM Punk changes facial hairstyles.
20. There is a reference to the 15-year anniversary of the Montreal Screwjob.
21. Good Ol’ J.R. shows up.
22. Daniel Bryan hits a missile dropkick.
23. Daniel Bryan misses a missile dropkick.
24. Miz uses his “bubble letter” entrance.

Download these cards!

We’ve made six versions of these cards you can download above, print out and play along with on Nov. 18! And don't forget to pick-up the November issue—on newsstands today!

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