Super Poll of the Month

Super Poll of the Month

This Month’s Question: Should every Superstar or Diva have a submission maneuver as part of their in-ring arsenal?

Daniel Bryan
“Absolutely not. Anybody who does not know how to properly apply a submission hold should not use one. I, however, know how to use more than a few.” 

Dolph Ziggler
“Some people are fluent in submissions, or have a grappling career like I do. So you don’t need them. John Cena has one; he doesn’t need one, but he’s good at it. We’ve got two World Champions who have them, so submissions seem to be in, and they help people get to the top.”

“If you have enough brute strength, then maybe you don’t need one. But if you’re a little sly, and not the biggest person, you might need a submission in your back pocket.”

“You have to be ready to have anything thrown at you. My submission of choice would be the ‘Fish Hooks,’ where I take my two index fingers and hook them in the sides of my opponent’s mouth and then stretch them out. It really, really hurts.” 

Derrick Bateman
“A win by submission isn’t just like any other win—it’s a win by dominance. Granted, people should apply submissions, but not everyone is qualified to properly administer a hold…because they’re hard.”

“I’m going to give that a soft six. It’s always good to have something other than a big finisher. Maybe you have a submission that no one has seen before. It’s a good idea to have a back-up.”

David Otunga
“I say that because if you’re really good at one particular move, you can probably beat most people with it. However, you’re probably not going to beat everybody with that move, so a Superstar should have something to fall back on.”

Alicia Fox
“No, they’re not relevant at all. I just take opponents down with my eyes. I’m not really a technical wrestler, so that’s why I can say that. I’m not known for that, but I’ve still gone home with the Divas Championship.”

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