Say my name

Say my name

Fandango-Mania is running wild, and there were certainly detractors. Did you ever think it would take off the way it did?
Of course I did. From the very beginning, I knew how the members of the WWE Universe would react to me—not only how flamboyant and how entertaining I am, but also to my dancing abilities, and naturally, in response to how handsome I am.

Do you feel the elegance and artistry of your dance moves are lost on the WWE Universe?
It took me several months of dance school to get ready. I certainly don’t get enough credit for my dancing. I’m a helluva dancer, and people need to respect my abilities. I go to dance school on my day off to learn new steps, so I put in the extra effort. 

Speaking of ’Mania, what moment during your WM29  match sticks out most in your mind?
Just standing in that Gorilla Position. The day of WrestleMania is just such a hectic, whirlwind of a day. You wake up in the morning and then the next thing you know you’re back in the hotel room. It goes by so quick. I remember taking about five minutes, catching my breath in Gorilla and just reflecting over the past 13 years of my career, wrestling in front of five or six people up in Maine, and all the guys I’ve worked with over the years. It was kind of a cool, emotional moment for me.

How would you characterize your in-ring style? Are you a highflier? A grappler?
The thing about me is that I’m 6’4”. I dropped a little bit of weight to incorporate some more high-flying stuff. I do more top-rope maneuvers now. I’m more agile, more limber and definitely more of a high-risk wrestler than I’ve ever been.

Your ring gear is fairly outlandish. Have you taken it too far yet and scaled back, or is there something even more lavish on the way?
I’m actually getting some stuff made that’s even more ridiculous…if you can believe that. About every month I’m having new gear crafted for me, just trying to outdo the last pair that I’ve worn. As you can see from my appearances on TV, they’re getting more outlandish, more over the top.

What does Fandango ultimately want to achieve in WWE? What level of in-ring success will be good enough for you?
Well, I’ve mastered the art of ballroom dancing. I won my WrestleMania debut match. I think I’m the first to ever do that. I think what’s next for me is a little gold around my waist. The Intercontinental Championship sounds nice. Every kid’s goal is to be World Champion, and that’s definitely my goal, to main-event WrestleMania. But right now, one of my goals in the near future is the I-C Title.

Finally, what’s the best instance of Fandango-ing that you’ve seen so far?
Definitely the Houston Texans cheerleaders. You can’t beat 50 hot girls in short-shorts.

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