Prime Time Millions

Prime Time Millions

When was the moment Darren Young and Titus O’Neil knew they had what it takes to go the distance?
Darren Young:Well, if you go back to our NXT days, right from the start, there were people up top who saw something in us. They saw that we could fight each other, and that we could work together as well.
Titus O’Neil:It was a natural fit from the beginning. And if you recall, season five was one of the longest seasons of NXT, and with that much time to work with, we just fought, laughed, cried and did all kinds of things that created a bond. 

Do The Prime Time Players travel together?
DY:Yes, unfortunately, we do. If I could have it my way, I would have my own car! No, I like traveling with my partner because we have a system down.
TO:I usually book the hotels and the rental cars …
DY:... And I like to do all the driving.

We actually heard, Darren, that your driving is what led to the creation of the catchphrase “millions of dollars!” Care to clear things up?
DY:Did Titus tell you that?
TO:Let me explain. We were on the way to a Live Event one day, and Darren was driving angrily. He’s from New Jersey, where they tend to drive kind of wild. So he was in one of his wild raging moods and hit a corner real hard. I grabbed him, and just said, “Hey, man — you can’t be driving like that! Do you realize you have millions of dollars in this car?”

So tell us: What are the qualities that make a tag team successful?
DY:Balance. Titus is the muscle; he beats people up. I’m a little more ground-and pound.
TO:He’s right. If we were both the same, I don’t think we’d be a good tag team. Most teams that have been dominant have had different skill sets that have combined to make one ultimate unit. Where I’m weak, Darren is strong. Where Darren is weak, I’m strong. When we bring that together, we’re an unstoppable force.

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