"WWE Magazine" gives a sneak peek into its September issue

"WWE Magazine" gives a sneak peek into its September issue

Get a sneak peek at the cornucopia of new Superstars, pay-per-views, video games and in-ring rivalries that await the WWE Universe in the September edition of "WWE Magazine," on newsstands now.

The Champions of Champions
Triple H has not contested a match in a WWE ring since he nearly ended The Undertaker’s winning streak at WrestleMania XXVII. So what better time for The Game to jump-start his 2011 season than at Night Of Champions this September? After all, he currently holds the WWE record with 13 World Championships and 23 total title reigns during his career. Other than the recently retired Edge, no other Superstar has ever worn that much gold around his waist. A title opportunity at NOC would bring The King of Kings one-step closer to becoming the greatest champion in WWE history.

Making-Over The Mystery Man From The 619
Keep your eyes glued to Rey Mysterio’s ring gear when he greets the crowds along the TitanTron ramp. He’ll be debuting a new hood designed by the winner of WWE Kids’s “Design Rey’s Mask” contest. If last year’s winning entry is any indication, this new one is going to be radical.

Starting Our Long Trip On The Road To WrestleMania 
If you’ve ever wanted to attend ’Mania, listen up, because a golden opportunity is about to present itself. Tickets for the Show of Shows go on sale on November 5. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Will The Undertaker extend his winning streak to an epic 20 matches? Will The Rock just bring it to John Cena in the main event, or will The Champ definitively prove that he is the greatest of all time? See you in Miami!

Figuring Things Out
You won’t have to wait until Christmas to score some brand-new WWE action figures. This September, Mattel launches WWE Series 12, which includes the likes of Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio and John Morrison, along with Wade Barrett, Evan Bourne and Rey Mysterio. We almost feel bad for the Wade and Alberto figures as they’re outnumbered two-to-one by the good guys...almost.

Covering The Walls"
Whenever cameras go backstage, you’ll often see oversized posters of "WWE Magazine" hanging on the walls of the general manger or guest star’s office. They also hang in our hallowed halls here in Titan Tower. Now, those very ones can cover up any cracks in your walls at home. Check out the latest releases on WWEshop.com. And let us know which covers you’d like to see blown up in the future! And don’t forget your discount code: MAG09!

Televising The  Ryder Revolution On Raw
Mark our words: Zack Ryder will main-event Raw before fall’s first frost. We know it—and now, you know it.

To see all the fall mysteries revealed, pick-up the September issue on newsstands or CLICK HERE to subscribe today!

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