Divapocalypse Redux

Divapocalypse Redux

As Pin-Up Strong Divas, there are a lot of young girls who look up to you as role models, but who do you both admire?

Beth: I’d have to say I’m totally inspired by athletes like Serena Williams, because not only is she totally feminine and dabbles in the fashion world, but she also had a successful tennis career and is a strong, independent woman. She has made her own way and made a name for herself, and there’s nothing more admirable than that.
Natalya: Mae Young is totally an inspiration to me. Beth and I just saw her backstage the other day! When Mae was younger, she was tough as nails. And I remember my grandfather telling me stories, when I was a little girl, about Mae and how tough she was. Now people see her, and she’s a little goofy and fun-loving, but they don’t know she could go toe-to-toe with a lot of men. She’s someone I truly look up to because of the fact that she is so passionate about what she’s done in the past, and how that keeps her going today.

What’s your response to women who say they want to be Divas just so they can be famous and make money? Do you just want to snap them in half?

Natalya: Believe it or not, we run into those people all the time. What they don’t understand is that there is a level of commitment and passion you need to have. You have to work! And I’ll give that to Eve, Kelly Kelly, Alicia and The Bellas—that yes, they have stayed the course, and maybe their road wasn’t the same as ours, but it takes a very, very special individual to work in WWE, male or female.  And that is why there are only a handful of people on the planet who can do what we do. On every street corner of every town, every state, every country, and every continent there is going to be a modeling agency with beautiful girls, but there are only a handful of people who can be beautiful and get in the squared circle, who can travel 250-plus days a year and go toe-to-toe with women like myself and Beth Phoenix.
Beth: Well, here’s the thing: I can go down to Walmart or my local Sugar Creek or 7-Eleven and get some eyelashes and fake tanner and some hair extensions, and I can make another Kelly Kelly overnight. I can make any drugstore clerk into Kelly Kelly, but you can never make another Natalya or Beth Phoenix. We are individuals. We are unique. We’re the best of the best, and we’ve worked so hard to be where we’re at. We are irreplaceable.

Other than workouts, do you two have any other pre-match rituals?

Beth: Yes! Our pre-television ritual is to eat a banana and peanut butter because it gives us long-term energy, what with the potassium in the banana, and the sugar and fat in the peanut butter.
Natalya: And it has to be thick, crunchy peanut butter! I’m telling you, it keeps us going with enough energy to perform at the level of champions, without filling us up.

Finally, let us in on a secret; is there a male in the locker room who is a bigger prima donna than the Divas?

Beth: Definitely Dolph Ziggler. And Cody Rhodes, too. They are the most high-maintenance and Diva-esque Superstars. Cody’s probably the most well-manicured male I’ve ever met in my entire life, and he’s most definitely not afraid of his reflection—anymore, that is. And Dolph spends quite a lot of time on his tan and hair, probably to impress Vickie. But they are, by far, the biggest prima donnas in WWE.
Natalya: Well, The Miz is a big prima donna, but that kind of goes without saying. But surprisingly, Mark Henry is actually very high-maintenance, too. If he can’t find the perfect gym to work out in, it’s meltdown city. He also has to have the best-cut filet mignon for dinner, and if it’s not the best steak, he gets very upset. And he likes to wear his sneakers only once.

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