More than Smoke and Mirrors

More than Smoke and Mirrors

As he continues to rise through the WWE ranks, this uncanny, second-generation Superstar seeks to bring a new legitimacy to his craft. Here, Cody Rhodes expounds on joining the ranks of Twitter, his surprising ally in the locker room, and the rivalry that’s defined his time in WWE.

What inspired you to finally join Twitter after consistently disavowing the social medium?
I have several rules about Twitter. There’s a reason WWE won’t retweet my Tweets, which makes me very angry. I will not use a hashtag, ever. I am not trying to trend anything. I will not retweet; I will not respond to more than a single fan a day. Those are my rules. A loose rule is that I’m only going to put out videos. I do really enjoy letting people have a look at my life, but that’s really all I’m here for.

Fill in the blank: Cody Rhodes is __________ than everyone on Twitter.
More honest.

When is Cody Rhodes at his best?
Cody Rhodes is at his best when he’s worked out, tanned, shaved his legs and got his haircut.

So every Tuesday?
Now every Monday!

Which Superstar would we be surprised to know you have a lot in common with?
Alex Riley. Yeah, he’s very funny, and he understands the importance of banter in today’s society. Whereas you talk to a person, and they’re Tweeting or texting and they don’t think that that’s rude. Alex Riley appreciates classic banter.

What's been the rivalry that's defined you here in WWE, and why do you think it worked so well?
I’ve been fortunate to have some unique rivalries. One of my favorites has been working with, or competing against, Booker T. I mean there’s obviously Shawn Michaels and Triple H, too. I think Rey Mysterio, that defined the era of the mask, but that also just turned me into a legitimate competitor, a legitimate climbing Superstar. Like Dolph Ziggler, but trying even to nudge him off the ladder. It was important that I took down a still in-shape veteran like Booker T.

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