The Best Non-Rumble Matches!

The 20-40 man throwdown isn't the only highlight of the January classic. From tag team battles to singles competition, the event is packed with a variety of equally legendary bouts. Check out these matches that sent us over the top!

The Rockers vs. The Orient Express: Royal Rumble 1991



As formidable a solo competitor as Shawn Michaels was, he also enjoyed incredible chemistry with his tag partner, Marty Jannetty. Watching these two move nearly in sync in a technical free-for-all makes you almost wish that "Barber Shop" incident never happened.



Bret Hart vs. Razor Ramon: Royal Rumble 1993



This classic New Gen bout kicked off with Bret handing a kid his glasses (only to have Razor Ramon try and one-up The Hitman by flicking his toothpick at the little tyke!), and ended with Bret retaining the WWE Championship as his proud papa, Stu Hart, cheered from ringside.



The Miz vs. Randy Orton: Royal Rumble 2011



This was a killer match between two hated enemies that turned into a sick free-for-all involving everyone from Alex Riley and CM Punk to the entire New Nexus. And check out our favorite moment of the night: Riley's insane flight over the top ropes onto Punk's cronies! 



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