You can quote 'em on it!

You can quote 'em on it!

The most memorable Superstar lines of all time.
(reprinted from the special 500th anniversary special WWE Magazine, on sale now)

"There are far greater jerks in the world, like DX or John Cena. However, I will revel in this award. I will pretend that being Jerk of the Year is a nice, hot bathtub full of bubbly soap, and I will sit in it until my hands get pruny. I will bathe in my own jerkness juices." —Edge accepting the prestigious Jerk of the Year award; WWE Magazine, January 2007

"Ted [Turner] is an excellent predator. That's what he does when he competes—he tries to kill the other guy. That's OK. That's one way of competing, but I've never subscribed to it. I've always believed that if you're going to be better than the other person, then that's what you should do. You should concentrate on all the positive values to make your product better, not try to kill the other guy." —Vince McMahon, on his Monday Night War with WCW and Ted Turner; Raw Magazine, Holiday 2002

"If I tell you I'm hurt, I'm hurt. And I ain't got the sniffles, I ain't got PMS, I'm f***ing hurt. If I tell you something, it's the truth. I busted my ass for that company. I damn near got paralyzed and turned into a quadriplegic—and that was a very, very lucky damn thing that didn't happen to me. I came back from that. I've given this company everything I got. I'm not complaining about it, because they pay me. I'm not talking about money. I drew you a lot of money and I sold you a lot of s**t. Now treat me like it. And not like a prima donna, because I'm not." —Stone Cold Steve Austin, explaining his decision to walk away from the company; Raw Magazine, February 2003

" 'Lizabeth nice. Pretty. Nice to George. Macho Man mean to 'Lizabeth. George help 'Lizabeth." —George "The Animal" Steele on his lady love, Miss Elizabeth; WWE Magazine, October 1987

"That moment when I became champion for the first time…all the work, all the doors that had been slammed in my face, all the people who had told me that I was wasting my life, it all paid off. I knew deep down that I had something. I didn't know that I would be able to sustain it as long as I have, but at that moment I knew if I stayed focused and dealt with the crap, I would succeed. At that moment, it was like everybody that doubted me could kiss my ass because I was here."—Some introspection from a rare interview with the Undertaker; Undertaker Special, 2003

"I certainly know about the rules. I have the rulebook memorized because very often I must make fast judgments." —WWE President Jack Tunney; WWE Magazine, April 1988

"People didn't see what went on behind the cameras. It was just a roller coaster all the time. There were so many feelings involved, and there still are. I'm definitely glad she's not around anymore—out of sight, out of mind." —Matt Hardy talking about life in WWE post-Lita; WWE Magazine, April 2007

"I'm definitely not the biggest guy, but what I lack in physical size, I more than make up for in cunning and mental prowess. Intelligence will win over size every time. Look at David and Goliath, look at the Miracle on Ice U.S. hockey team from 1980, look at Potsie Weber versus The Gang. Let me put it to you this way: How many Jerichoholics are there each and every week that you see, and how many Visceraholics are there out there?"—Chris Jericho discussing his favorite topic: Chris Jericho; WWE Magazine, May 2000

"I love flying, I love jumping off the top rope, I love climbing onto cages. But if you put me on top of a building and make me stand on the edge of it, that freaks me out. Heights freak me out." —Rey Mysterio revealing his worst fears; WWE Magazine, August 2007

"I think what really united us was that we were all mourning someone we loved. It's still a dream. It feels like it hasn't happened. It's like he's [still] on SmackDown and I'm on Raw, and I'll see him backstage at WrestleMania. Sometimes, it's hard to go out there. The torch has been passed, but am I ready? I have to be. There are too many people depending on me. I can't let Eddie's death be in vain."—Chavo Guerrero coming to terms with the tragic passing of his Uncle Eddie; Raw Magazine, February 2006

"My fat protects me when I get banged around—which seems to be happening as much as ever, even though I'm a manager and not a wrestler."—Capt. Lou Albano singing the praises of his own girth; The Wit and Wisdom of Lou Albano, 1986

"I had over 7,000 matches, and I don't even know how many fan riots. I was always dying for a fan to run in the ring, 'cause when they come between the second and third rope, it's perfect punting position." —Rowdy Roddy Piper on fan interference; The 51 Worst Offenders in WWE History special Issue, 2006

The above article can also be found in the special 500th anniversary issue of WWE Magazine, on sale now.

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