WWE Kids is go!

WWE Kids is go!

Design Rey Mysterio's mask! Watch Mark Henry bend everything in sight! See John Cena! It's the launch of WWEKIDS.COM -- the online destination for the little Superfan in everyone!

WWE Kids Magazine now has a tag-team partner in the battle against boredom --  WWEKIDS.COM! Packed with cool Superstar games, videos and exclusive interviews, WWEKIDS.COM is the online destination for the little Superfan in everyone.

"WWEKIDS.com is where you'll see Mark Henry turn a Louisville Slugger in splinters," (WATCH) says Editor Sam Barclay. "And it's where you can play great online games featuring John Cena, Triple H, Jeff Hardy, Batista and Rey Mysterio, and many more. (PLAY) What's more -- it's a site where kids can celebrate their favorite Superstars, in an environment that's age-appropriate."

The launch of  WWEKIDS.COM coincides with the release of WWE Kids Magazine's brand-new November/December issue. Together, they highlight the importance of WWE's Youth Initiative -- WWE's recommitment to provide its young audience with new, fun, age-appropriate content.

WWE Kids Magazine Nov/Dec issue is onsale now.

Check out the brand-new WWEKIDS.COM.

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