Score on the Dance Floor

Score on the Dance Floor

In this exclusive exposé, Layla reveals the tricks for reading a woman's gyrations and body language in the club. Gentlemen, use this knowledge responsibly.

The "Hands up in the Air" Chick
"She seems like she's free and probably had a little bit to drink. She just wants to have fun, and she's being open. If your arms are up in the air, then you're drawing attention to yourself — if you didn't want attention, then you'd have your arms down. So, yes, she is very approachable! She looks like she's there to dance all night."

The "Show-Off"
"Nothing is worse than a show-off who can't dance. She's trying to attract cocky guys, but she'll also chase away some good guys. That's one thing that's bad about showing off at the club, and why I try not to do it. When I'm dancing, it's all about having fun. So look for women who are smiling — you want to meet the girl who's actually encouraging other people to come up and dance with her."

The "No Look" lady
"Either she wants to be left alone or she's a little insecure. It's intimidating when you first start dancing in a club. Even though people are not looking at you, you might think that they are. She's dancing with her head down, but as the night progresses, she may open up. So watch her closely, and as the night continues, see if she remains shy or opens up. And don't approach until she makes eye contact."

"Sometimes, when we get a few drinks in us, we get a little more hands-on. It's just natural."

The "Self Toucher"
"Sometimes, when we get a few drinks in us, we get a little more hands-on. It's just natural. I think I touch myself when I dance, but it's never overly sexual. I just go with the flow. It's a way for me to express myself. And I guess for some women, it may be a way to get attention. Still, I think most of us view it as harmless fun. My friends and I will dance against each other, even though it's going nowhere. Guys shouldn't read too much into this."

The "Robot" Nerd
"She needs to watch more MTV and BET! That dance reminds me of Victoria. She does The Robot and we always make fun of her. But she has a personality and she's not ashamed of making a fool out of herself. I'm not even going to lie though, because I've done that move. I'll do the Running Man as soon as I hear an old-school track. I'll go all out. I'd say if a girl pulls that move, she doesn't care what people think about her. But if she keeps doing it all night long, stay away!"

The "she's got Two Left Feet" Loser
"Whether a girl can or can't dance just depends on her rhythm and body coordination. You should never judge a book by its cover. You can't really tell how good a woman is in bed just by the way she dances. If she's out there on the dance floor trying, then she's got a ‘what the hell' personality. She's a go-getter. She could still probably rock your socks in bed."

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