Divas Uncensored

Divas Uncensored

Kristal, Victoria and Maryse offer their esteemed opinions on lingerie, anniversaries and bedroom craziness.

My friends rub certain people the wrong way. My girlfriend is not a fan. I love both my buddies and my lady, so what should I do?

Maryse: If it's a new girlfriend, she'll need more time to warm up to your friends. If you have a good relationship with your buddies, then they should understand when you ask them to ease up a bit until the girl gets more comfortable.

Kristal: She doesn't have to love your friends, but she shouldn't badmouth them either. And they shouldn't give her reasons to hate them,
like being purposely disrespectful toward her.

Victoria: Exactly. You can't please everyone. A guy's friends are going to be rowdy. That's just the way
the guys are.

Kristal: Maybe it was just a bad first impression. That happens all the time.

Victoria: Right. Give it some time and she might warm up to them.

Maryse: Tell her to relax and give 'em a chance.


When it comes to celebrating anniversaries, is it better to keep it simple, or to go over
the top?

Kristal: I always say keep it simple, but it might depend on which anniversary you're celebrating. Fancy gifts and expensive restaurants are nice, but I've always found that the most romantic things are usually the cheesiest—like walking on the beach together, or going to the place where you had your first date.

Victoria: I'm not into celebrating meaningless anniversaries, like the three-month or the six-month, or whatever. For something like a one-year anniversary, though, I think you should go all out. It's pretty rare to see people together for more than a year these days.

Maryse: Why do you want to wait for the anniversary? Go over the top when she's not expecting it. Girls love surprises.


My girlfriend has turned into an absolute slouch in the sack. How can I bring this up without pissing her off?

Kristal: [laughs] It's your fault. It's always your fault.

Victoria: She might be getting a bit lazy, but it's your collective responsibility to spice things up.

Maryse: You definitely need to talk about it.

Kristal: A girl wants to make the guy happy. We put effort into stuff like that because we think guys like it. If you don't show any appreciation, then, of course, we're gonna stop trying.

Maryse: The guy is going to say it's the girl's fault, and the girl is going to blame the guy. But in the end, it's what they share between them that's important.

Victoria: Watch some erotic movies together, or experiment with role-playing. You might spark up an interest.

Maryse: Right. Just try something different. Instead of the bed, try the Jacuzzi.

Kristal: Be creative, but be sensitive. That's the key.


I want to buy my girlfriend some sexy lingerie. Should I get her something with zippers, hooks and straps? I'm in over my head here!

Victoria: The longer you're in a relationship, the more you'll learn what your girlfriend likes. But, if it's the first time you're buying her something, you want to be classy, yet suggestive,
at the same time.

Kristal: Go with a slip, especially if she doesn't normally wear a lot of lingerie. She'll feel more comfortable if there aren't all kinds of gadgets to unhook and unzip.

Victoria: I don't know if I'd go with a slip, but a baby doll would be good. It's sexy, and simple. See how she reacts to that, then study her vibe.

Maryse: I'm not going to wear a garter belt, or anything like that. It's just too hard to take off. I like my lingerie very sexy, small, and easy to take off.

Kristal: Just remember, it can totally kill the mood if she can't get the thing off.


Is it gentlemanly to order dinner for a woman?

Kristal: What if she's allergic to what you order? How much of a jackass would that make you?

Maryse: I like guys who open doors and pull out chairs, but I don't need them to order for me.

Victoria: To be honest, I like it. Maybe I have a little of the 1950s in me, but I don't think it's demeaning. Actually, it kinda turns me on if he's able to take control.


My girlfriend is planning a dinner party on the same day my best friend is planning a WrestleMania marathon. Obviously, I want to go to the marathon, but I don't wanna end up in the doghouse. How can I squeeze them both in?

Kristal: Don't tell her I said this, but I'd do both. Just show up late and say you got caught up.

Maryse: I'd want you to be with me, of course. But I wouldn't want to keep you somewhere you didn't want to be.

Kristal: You don't want to look whipped in front of your friends, you just want to honor the "commitment." Girls love that word, by the way.

Victoria: I think so too.

Kristal: If you do show up for the party, though, come bearing gifts.


As a joke, I used a coupon to pay for dinner during a date. Now the girl won't return my phone calls. Was it my bad, or should she just lighten up?

Maryse: Oh my God, no! You can't do that! That's like taking a girl to McDonald's on a first date.

Kristal: It's hilarious, but I would never talk to you again.

Victoria: I think it's funny. I love a guy with a good sense of humor.


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