5 Submissions Maneuvers That You Have “No Way Out” Of

5 Submissions Maneuvers That You Have “No Way Out” Of

1.The YES! Lock
“This has to go on the list because it’s my finisher. It’s been a really effective move for me here in WWE, and not many opponents have escaped from it. Similarly, when you’re grappling, it’s also an extremely hard hold to apply, but once you get the facelock on, it’s all over.”

2. Inverted Heel Hook
“It’s probably the hardest move to get out of—and the most dangerous, because it can snap your knee just like that. The difference between breaking it and not breaking it is so subtle. Look for it in my very first match on NXT against Chris Jericho.”

3. Triangle Choke Hold
“The point of wrestling is to get your foes on their backs, but if you are already there voluntarily, they don’t quite know what to do to get past that. They’ll go for a pin—and that’ll give me that free arm.” 

4. The Arm Bar
“There are ways out of it, but not if your legs are firmly across your opponent. The great thing about this move is that your opponent will almost want to give in, because that’s the natural reaction.”

5. Guillotine
“I prefer the Arm-Out variation, even if it’s easier to escape, though the move is so fast that it’s impossible. Depending on the type of Guillotine, sometimes an opponent can hold his breath…but not for long.”

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