"WWE Magazine's" Fantasy Football

"WWE Magazine's" Fantasy Football

Last season, the third-generation Superstar put together a near-perfect record, going undefeated (12-0-1) on his way to winning the Vince McMahon Trophy. Reigning Fantasy Football expert Michael McGillicutty reveals some (but not all) of his secrets to building a powerhouse Fantasy team.

  1. Don't root for your home team: "Yeah, I am a Viking fan, but over the years after playing Fantasy Football, I've become more of a  Fantasy Football fan. I'll root for the Vikings, but I root more for my Fantasy Football team, which is ridiculous. If the Vikings win, that’s great. If they lose, that sucks, but it all boils down to my Fantasy team—that's the only thing that matters. I don't get paid if the Vikings win. I only get paid if I win."
  2. Forget loyalty, start your draft from scratch: "Sometimes you get stuck picking the same guys year after year. Don't do that. I usually try to start from scratch each season. The age gap starts to become a concern with the wear-and-tear on players. Contract issues might even be a concern, too."
  3. Don't forget picks that burned your past teams: "There's always a couple of players who, because of past experiences, I will stay away from. I had Michael Turner on my team a few years ago, and he just sucked! And then, last year, he was fairly decent. He's one of those guys who you just never know when he's going to tear it up. I can't draft a player like that, because he killed me before in the past."
  4. Rookies play up to their team’s personnel: "Rookies are a hit-or-miss thing. You've got to look at what team they're on, and what kind of players they have surrounding them. Justin Blackmon on the Jaguars, for example, is supposed to be one of the best receivers they've ever had, but he doesn't have a big-time quarterback throwing to him."
  5. The waiver wire is where you win: "There's a lot of talent out there that’s sitting on the bench, and they're available on a first-come, first-serve basis. That’s where you get a lot of the value. Most people aren't on the ball, and that's my key with picking guys. Not only am I talented, but I'm also a really good talent scout. I had a pretty good draft. It wasn't the best, but my success came from the waiver wire.

For all the WWE Superstar Fantasy Football League action, go to ESPN.com/WWEfantasyleague, check in at WWE.COM for weekly game updates, and follow @WWE magazine on Twitter for scores—and trash-talk all season long!


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