Executive Decisions

Executive Decisions

There are some who say that the General Manager position on Raw is cursed. And, looking back at the history of leaders on Monday night, they might be right. Every man or woman who’s run WWE’s flagship brand in the past has seen his/her career end in humiliating fashion. To be fair, theirs is the hardest job in WWE. Nevertheless, it doesn’t excuse the famous screw-ups that put the careers of these Raw helmers in jeopardy.

Eric Bischoff Raw, 12/5/05
In an attempt to steal Cena’s WWE Title, Bischoff threw The Champ into bouts against the likes of Chris Jericho and Christian. It never worked, and Mr. McMahon publicly fired Bischoff on Raw by tossing the former exec into a garbage truck.

William Regal Raw, 9/3/07
After Randy Orton punted the skull of Cena’s father, Regal foolishly awarded The Viper a shot at the title. Not amused in the least, Cena came back and mercilessly attacked Regal on Raw, putting the devious Englishman out of commission for a month.

Mike Adamle Raw, 10/27/08
Basically, Adamle was never cut out for this job. Come on! The guy couldn’t even remember Superstars’ names! But when Adamle dared to take a swipe at The Viper on Raw, he sealed his fate—and was gone from WWE shortly afterward.

Vickie Guerrero Extreme Rules, 6/7/09
Vickie leveraged her role as Raw GM to steal the Miss WrestleMania title from Santina Marella. Her comeuppance came when she was disgraced in a Hog Pen Match at Extreme Rules and then dumped by Edge. 

Anonymous GM Raw, 9/27/10
When Edge won a bout against Cena, the GM restarted the contest and Cena forced The Rated-R Superstar to submit to the STF. Edge went into a frenzy, destroying the computer and scattering its innards all over the arena floor.


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